Little bird.

Big Dream.

Birdie isn’t very super.

Parrot says her flappers are too flimsy. Parrot says she’s a pip-squawk. Parrot says she’ll never make it cage-free.

Birdie isn’t very super…not yet. Being super takes practice.

Then, disaster strikes! Will Birdie’s new strength and smarts help her save the day? Find out!

Half of all proceeds from books sales will go to Birdies4Brains. Birdies4Brains organizes a very special yearly tournament. Golfers play 100 holes in a single day. Their goal? To raise money for people recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Talk about good sports!

Birdies4Brains founder Brian Eder was inspired by his sister’s recovery from an aneurysm. He made it his mission to support other families in similar circumstances. You can join the game or sponsor a golfer. Find out more at